Severn Biotech

Severn Biotech is a manufacturer of high quality biochemical products used in Molecular Biology.

    Biological buffers

    DNA and RNA Extraction products

    DNA sequencing buffers and gels

 Severn Biotech has also been making bespoke synthetic peptides since 1993.Peptides are synthesised using Fmoc chemistry on a solid phase support matrix. The final quality of the peptide product is assured by Maldi-TOF Massspectroscopy, *Electro-spray MS and RP-HPLC analysis. Quantities normally supplied are within the range 1mg-30g. There is a wide range of synthetic peptide modifications and conjugations available,which can be incorporated into the product as part of the service. Peptides are supplied lyophilised and can also be aliquoted into vials specific to clients requirements. 

Purity Levels and Peptide Purification

The standard purity is > 85% which is sufficient for antigenic peptides for immunological applications. Ultra-pure peptides of > 95% are obtained by semi-preparative and preparative scale C18 reverse phase HPLC; recommended for bio-active and intracellular studies. All peptides are supplied with HPLC profile and Mass Spectromatogram for verification of purity and molecular weight. Net peptide content by *amino acid analysis can also be supplied.

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