Lucigen Corp. was founded in 1998 to develop life science research products and technologies for gene cloning, protein expression, and nucleic acid sequencing and amplification.  


By focusing on improved methods for gene cloning, Lucigen products have dramatically improved DNA cloning reliability and efficiency, which has allowed researchers to successfully capture many genes that were impossible to clone using other methods.  


Lucigen has also used its own proprietary technology to be the first company to isolate viral DNA polymerases from boiling hot springs environments. These novel enzymes have been shown to be superior products for PCR, RT-PCR (reverse transcription-PCR) and rapid, isothermal amplification of RNA and DNA. In addition, our in-house expertise in the production of random-shear, BAC and fosmid libraries has been made available as a fast and reliable service, which can accelerate Next Gen DNA sequencing and screening projects. 


Areas of technology focus
 Lucigen’s technology development is focused on nucleic acid research in three separate, but related areas:

1. DNA cloning, sequencing and protein expression 

2. DNA polymerase discovery and nucleic acid amplification 

3. DNA/RNA molecular test development

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