Nanoprobes was founded to develop the most sensitive reagents and technology for detecting biological molecules.

Nanoprobes unique gold labeling technology uses chemically cross-linked metal clusters and nanoparticles as labels.

Unlike conventional immunogold probes, in which colloidal gold particles are electrostatically adsorbed to antibodies and proteins, our gold labels are uncharged molecules which are cross-linked to specific sites on biomolecules. This gives our probes greater range and versatility than colloidal gold.

Our labels can be attached to any molecule with a reactive group -- proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and lipids -- for detection and localization. Other labels can be combined with our gold labels; our unique FluoroNanogold probes combine Nanogold® and fluorescein into a single probe for imaging a specimen both by fluorescence and electron microscopy.

New probes can be engineered based on any fragment of a naturally occurring biomolecule, and the label can be positioned away from the binding site so it does not interfere with binding.

Our Nanogold® probes have been cited in over 250 publications, and are used in the laboratories of several Nobel Laureates. It's all about creating better tools and finding innovative solutions, so that research and treatments can move ahead.


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